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Parking & Transportation

Transportation Policy

University of Virginia School of Medicine students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from classes as well as to and from off-site rotations and clinic visits.

See Parking and Transportation web site for routes, permits, etc.

Permits can be purchased at the University's Department of Parking and Transportation at 1101 Milmont Street. Bring your ID to show you are a student. Purchase a U-9 permit to allow you to park at clinics at Fontaine and Northridge as well as Scott's Stadium and U-hall. Short-term parking passes are available for purchase in books of 10 for Fontaine and Northridge. Questions -- call P & T at 924-7231.

Effective September 1, 2014, UVA Parking and Transportation will require all mopeds to display valid UVA parking permits and be parked in either designated moped parking or in motorcycle spaces. Moped owners may stop by the Department of Parking and Transportation at their convenience to purchase a blue permit that will allow mopeds to be parked legally in the areas listed above. Mopeds are not permitted to park in bike racks, on sidewalks, in mulched areas, adjacent to buildings or be chained to railings.

Health System Employee Shuttle runs daily from 6:00 pm through 7:00 am in a continuous loop. The route begins at east end of the circular drive in front of University Hospital. Passenger shuttles run regularly between UVA Health System sites, including parking areas (Scott Stadium, Emmet/Ivy Garage, U-Hall) and lodging facilities (see map). This service is provided for staff, outpatients, and visitors. Medical students and residents are included, as they are considered Medical Center staff. A ring-down phone is available just inside the shuttle stop.

The Student Escort Service was created in an effort to improve safety at UVA. It offers students, staff and faculty transportation after dark. Call Escort at 434-964-6400 and tell them where you need to be picked up and taken. You will be quoted an estimated time in order to minimize your wait outside. Escort runs within a one-mile radius of the University. You must show your hospital ID to the driver.

SafeRide is a van escort service operated through the U.Va. Police and is available in the early morning hours throughout the week. Call 434-242-1122.

SafeWalk is a walking escort service staffed Monday through Thursday evenings from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Students who don't want to walk home alone can call SafeWalk, and a male-female student team will accompany them. Call 434-242-1122.


Evening and Weekend Parking

You can obtain an evening/weekend parking transponder at Parking and Transportation. You must have a Blue parking permit. This allows you to park in the 11th Street Parking Garage from 5:30 pm until 7:30 am. If you do not move your car at 8:00 am it will be towed (no kidding!). There is a $25.00 refundable deposit.

Hospital Drive and the adjacent garage on Lee Street are patient/permit parking both during the week and on weekends. Police are vigilent and do issue tickets.


Parking at Fontaine or Northridge – For Clinical Rotations (Electives & Clerkships)

Medical Students who will need to park at Northridge or Fontaine greater than 16 hours per week can purchase a U-9 permit (Fontaine) or a U-6 permit (Northridge). The monthly parking fee is $18 (thru May 31, 2013). This rate may increase as of June 1, 2013. Students who may work occasionally less than 16 hours per week at Northridge or Fontaine may choose to purchase Occasional Parkers Permit parking passes. The Occasional Parkers Permit provides a book of 10 permits for U9 or U6 parking lots that will allow the student to park 10 times (up to 24 hours at a time) for a one-time charge of $11.00. This rate may increase as of June 1, 2013.

To participate in the program and obtain your Occasional Parker Permits, please visit the Parking and Transportation Office located at 1101 Millmont Street, behind the Barracks Road Shopping Center.


Handicapped Parking

For students who require handicapped parking:

  • Obtain a letter from the physician stating: the length of time the disability will last, the distance the student can walk, the place the student needs to go, and the hours.
  • Take the letter to Parking and Transportation Office, Millmont St (924-7231).
  • Complete the application and pay the requested fee to obtain a dashboard permit to park in the handicapped space assigned.


Charlottesville City Transit

For information on the City of Charlottesville bus routes and times see their web site. Students can show their ID and ride for free.


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