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Student Health



Counseling & Psychological Services 924-5556/243-5150


Health Promotion 924-1509


Emergency & After Hours Care 972-7004 or 911


Insurance - Health/Disability


Pharmacy 924-1544


Policy for blood-body fluid exposure

Student Health Phone Numbers

Other counseling options

The University, from its very beginning, has assumed the responsibility for the medical care of its students. This responsibility rotated through various members of the medical school faculty until 1938, when the Department of Student Health was formally organized. The department provides a comprehensive set of services for students including general medicine, gynecology, counseling and psychological services, learning needs and evaluation (i.e. disability services) and health promotion. All students pay the University comprehensive fee which provides unlimited access to care for professional services. The clinicians at Student Health are the designated primary care providers for all University students. Full-time physicians and mental health providers in the Department hold appointments on the faculty of the School of Medicine.

For additional counseling options outside of Student Health see: Other Counseling Services.


All regularly enrolled students pay tuition and student fees. These fees include a fee which covers professional services at Student Health. Dependents are not eligible for care at Student Health.



Information in each student's medical record is strictly confidential and will not be discussed or released to anyone outside of Student Health without your written permission.



Fall and Spring Semesters
Weekdays - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Summer Session and Breaks
Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Students are encouraged to make appointments. If an urgent need arises, Student Health has a "triage" system, where a care provider will arrange for same-day care, or for an appropriately scheduled appointment.



General Medicine - 982-3915
Physicians and nurse practitioners trained in internal medicine, pediatrics, and family practice provide general medical care and refer for subspecialty care if needed.

Allergy injections are given on Tuesday and Friday (9:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.) for a fee per visit. Call 982-3915 for an Allergy Clearance appointment. Students must bring their allergy serum and complete instructions with them. Student Health will store and administer student vaccines according to instructions provided by the student's allergist.

Gynecology - 924-2773
The staff gynecologist and nurse practitioners diagnose and treat most gynecologic problems, perform annual exams, provide testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, offer contraceptive counseling and prescriptions, and provide pregnancy testing and counseling. It is important that each student identify herself as a medical student when making her appointment to ensure that she will not be assigned to a medical student trainee.

Counseling and Psychological Services - 924-5556
The Harrison Bowne "Tersh" Smith, Jr. Memorial Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides a broad and comprehensive range of psychological services: psychological and psychiatric assessment, referral, individual and group psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, 24-hour on-call crisis consultation, emergency walk-in and crisis intervention, and consultation to administrators, faculty, students, families, and allied professionals. A Substance Abuse Counselor provides consultation and appropriate treatment to students concerned about their use of alcohol and other drugs, or who are affected by another's substance abuse.. CAPS provides suicide prevention programming, and outreach to numerous faculty and student organizations. CAPS services are generally based on a brief treatment model utilizing 6-10 psychotherapy visits. Depending on the student’s insurance or personal resources, patients may be referred to community or University providers for long term care or medication management. For an appointment, call the Center from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 924-5556. After hours for an emergency call 972-7004.

Student Disability Access Center (formerly Learning Needs and Evaluation) - 243-5181
The Student Disability Access Center (SDAC) provides direct and indirect services to students with diagnosed disabilities. SDAC offers a range of counseling services including accommodations and mentoring for students with diagnosed disabilities, and academic and study skills development. SDAC teaches learning strategies to individuals; mediates academic accommodation with faculty and deans; arranges for scribe and transcribing services, reading services, word processing and written language assistance, interpreters, and class notes during periods of absence related to the disability; and serves as liaison with standardized test bureaus, Recording for the Blind, and agencies for specific disabilities or rehabilitation. SDAC also offers limited screening services to identify and address academic problems of matriculated students.

As with all other clinical services at Student Health, CAPS and SDAC abide by all ethical standards and legal requirements related to confidentiality and privacy.

Health Promotion - 924-1509
Health Promotion and educational services are also included in the Student Health fee. Through direct services, collaboration and public relations connections, the Office of Health Promotion works toward building and supporting a healthier university community. Services include: health consulting, nutrition consultations, academic and other courses, patient education, outreach data collection and special events. Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are a diverse group of 45 U.Va. students trained to educate their classmates about college health and wellness issues in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.

Emergency and After Hours Care

In an emergency or life-threatening situation, call the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad at 911 (9-911 on Grounds).

Students with urgent concerns or problems when Student Health is closed should call the telephone triage service at nights and weekends 972-7004. Care providers are always on-call through this answering service number. It is important that students let the operator know that they have a medical concern, gyn concern, or wish to speak with a mental health care provider. The care provider will call back -- so students should wait near their phone.

If a student experiences an urgent medical or emotional problem, or is directed by the on-call provider, a student may receive care at the UVA Hospital Emergency Room. However, Student Health does not pay for UVA's students' Emergency Department (ED) charges not covered by insurance. This means that the portion of professional or facility charges not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the student or other guarantor. Services associated with an ED visit (e.g., test, x-rays, medication) will also be submitted to insurance.

If the ED refers you to a specialist (e.g., orthopedist, otolaryngologist, dermatologist), please keep in mind that your insurance may require a referral from your Primary Care Provider for speciality care to be paid at the maximum benefit and least out-of-pocket expense. If you are unsure, contact your insurance company.

At sites away from Charlottesville: If the student is admitted for inpatient care through an emergency room, the hospital admitting office will need to notify the students' insurance company.


Administrative and Support Services

Clinical Laboratory
The Student Health Laboratory performs most of the routine tests ordered by their clincians. Fees are charged for laboratory tests. Diagnostic (as opposed to routine screening) tests are usually covered, at least in part, by insurance. All lab results are filed in your Student Health Chart and are confidential.

Pharmacy - 924-1544
Weekdays - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., closed for lunch 1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. Summer hours - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (no Saturday hours during summer or breaks). The Student Health Pharmacy dispenses medications prescribed by their care providers, or fills new prescriptions from student's personal or family physician. Over the counter medications and contraceptives are also available. There is a charge for all items. To decrease waiting time for refills of prescriptions originally filled at Student Health, call after hours for pick-up during business hours. It is important to know the prescription number from the original container when the call is made after hours.

Charges and Fees
Registered students have pre-paid for professional services at Student Health when they pay their student fee. During the summer between first and second years of medical school students may pay the summer Student Health fee and continue to have access to their services. Students are eligible for Student Health services during summers in which they are doing clinical work on clerkships or fourth year electives.

There are additional charges for medications, lab tests, supplies for certain treatments, immunizations and allergy injections, and copies of a student's medical record. If a student visits the Emergency Room for illness or injury when Student Health is closed, Student Health will not pay Emergency Department (ED) charges not covered by insurance.

Insurance - Health
The Student Health Center is staffed and equipped to meet most routine primary care needs, but they do not provide a full range of medical-surgical specialty services on site. Students who need specialty care or hospitalization are referred to other providers, usually affiliated with the UVa Medical Center.

To assure that resources are available to cover the expenses of inpatient or specialty care, or those of accidents or injuries, all students are required by the University to have health insurance, either under a parent's plan or purchased independently.

The Student Health Insurance Committee, composed of students, faculty and staff of the University, works with UVa Purchasing and Materials Services to develop an insurance plan with a rate and benefit structure that is affordable and appropriate for students and their dependents. All students receive a mailing in July regarding the plan which is currently Aetna Student Health. For more information, call Student Health at 243-2702 or visit the Aetna Student Health web site at http://www.aetnastudenthealth.com/ (customer service number is 800-466-3027).

Student Involvement
The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is composed of undergraduate and graduate/professional students from across the University, with participation by Student Health faculty and staff. The SHAC provides a forum for open and constructive communication of students' health concerns, and the student members bring the user's perspective to planning, implementing, and evaluating our health services.

Student Satisfaction Surveys are conducted regularly in all clinical areas and Health Promotion, and reports of specific incidents or concerns are included in Student Health's self evaluation process. Students can call 924-5471 to voice their opinions, concerns and compliments.

Student Health (including general medicine, gynecology, CAPS, SDAC and Health Promotion) is just off Central Grounds, on Jefferson Park Avenue between Monroe Lane and Brandon Avenue. For information on parking see the Student Health web site.

Insurance - Disability
All active full-time medical students, in good standing, are covered by disability insurance offered through the Guardian Group Insurance Plan. For the highlights of the disability plan see Guardian Overview.



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