Ramin Javan, MD, James E. Machin, MD, Robert S. McGinnis, MD, Mohammed Moinuddin, MD, Marc Sarti, MD.

Baptist Memorial Hospital and University of Virginia Health Sciences Center

Department of Radiology

This web tutorial is designed to serve as an interactive and high-yield source regarding the challenges facing radiologists in dealing with thyroid nodules that are so commonly seen in daily practice and especially more and more commonly found incidentally. An attempt is made to simplify approach to nodules regarding follow-up and management recommendations, as well as the role of fine needle aspiration and nuclear medicine. A number of promising new techniques are also discussed regarding this issue.

The discussion of sonographic appearances have been mostly directly adapted from "Ultrasound of Thyroid Nodules" by Desser TS and Kamay, as it appears in the Ultrasound Clinics April 2009 issue. All radiological images, are from the Baptist Memorial Hospital, unless otherwise noted.

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