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X-Ray Technique Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following statements is true?
Most ICU chest films demonstrate significant findings.
In fact, up to 65% of ICU chest films may reveal a significant or unsuspected finding.

2. On which one or more of the following patients do daily portable x-rays need to be taken?
Intubated 51 year old male suffering from COPD and 89 year old woman in the ICU for severe congestive heart failure.
Currently, the American College of Radiology (ACR) suggests that daily chest radiographs be obtained on patients with acute cardiopulmonary problems and those receiving mechanical ventilation. Otherwise, only initial chest radiographs are needed for the placement or change of indwelling lines or devices.

3. Click on the three areas of the chest where supine AP and erect PA films most differ.

The heart size is significantly magnified in AP films, and the clavicles are also magnified. Furthermore, the sternum is magnified in the AP film, and because the patient is supine the pulmonary vasculaturity is more prominent.

4. Ambient light can reduce the detectability of lesions on chest film.
Always remember to turn off lights not being used on a view box and lower room lights. Stray lights may diminish your ability to see subtle variations in density.

5. Supine positioning of the patient affects which one(s) of the following?
Cephalization of the pulmonary vasculature, The appearance of a pneumothorax, and Widens mediastinum

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