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Instructions for using Medical Education Work Stations in 2nd floor
Jordan Teaching Labs (Rooms 2-6, 2-7 and 2-8 Jordan Hall):

Turning on the Instructional Work Station:

  1. Turn on Power Button on gray power strip (electrical outlet strip behind the computer). I = on O = off

  2. Turn computer on (round button with tiny light in center). You should not need to turn on the monitor(s).

  3. Eventually, you will see a Windows XP LogOndialog box.
    For User Name, enter: student
    For Password, enter: student
    Click on “OK” button

  4. You should now see the Windows Computer Desktop.
    Double click on I2S icon.
    You should see an image window and a Source Box at the upper left.
    The Source Panel has three vertical icons.
    The top (default) icon [image of camera] is for the video microscope.
    The bottom icon allows you to see what is on a special instructor’s microscope.
    The position of the eyeball indicates which is the active window.

Use of the video microscope:

  1. Push the amber on/off switch on the lower right side of the microscope; it will light up when the microscope illuminator is on.
  2. Turn the black light intensity dial located on the lower left side of the microscope. It goes from 2.5 (lowest light intensity) to 11 (highest light intensity).
  3. Put a slide on the microscope stage and focus it using the coarse and fine focus controls on the microscope. Always start with the lowest magnification lens. Set up Kohler illumination. The microscope has 1.25X, 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X and 63X objective lenses. NONE of these objectives use oil.
  4. If you have a slide on the microscope and the microscope properly focused and aligned, you should now see the image through the microscope displayed on the computer monitor (if you have opened the I2S window on the computer). You may have to adjust the light intensity somewhat as you change magnification.
  5. When you are through using the video microscope:
    1. Turn the black light intensity dial on the lower left side of the microscope to the lowest setting (2.5). Turn off the amber switch on the lower right side of the microscope.
    2. Close the I2S program.
    3. Remove the slide from the microscope
    4. Put the cover on the microscope.

Use of wall-mounted TV set in conjunction with the computer monitor:

  1. Each instructional work station also has a wall mounted TV which can be used to display the video-microscope output. This can be used to allow more people to see the image from the video microscope or to display the live video microscope feed on the wall monitor while other images (web site or Wheater’s atlas images) are displayed on the computer monitors.
  2. Turn on the wall mounted monitor using the hand held remote control (green on/off button at top right of the remote control). The tiny red light on the upper right of the TV will go out when the TV is on.
  3. Push the power button on the left front of the black (JVC) selector box (sitting on the computer) labeled video-microscope. Then push the button on this same box that is labeled "microscope camera".

Access the CTS Web Site at the same time as the video microscope:

  1. Minimize the I2S screen
  2. Double click on the CTS web site shortcut on the desktop (no need to open a browser first).
  3. You can use the mouse to drag the Internet Explorer (or Netscape) window onto the second monitor. Reduce the browser window to partial size before dragging it onto the second monitor and then return it to full size. Be sure to drag the browser window directly to the right or left (and not downwards). You can now view images or multimedia handouts or Powerpoint lecture presentations on the CTS web site in your browser on the secondary monitor while you view the I2S window (video microscope images) on the primary monitor. Any pop-up windows that appear while using the browser can also be dragged, using the mouse, from the primary monitor onto the second monitor.

To Shut Down the Instructional Work Station:

  1. Click on the START button at lower left of computer desktop. Then click on "Shut Down". In the "Shut Down" dialog box, click on the "OK" button.
  2. Don't turn off the computer monitor.
  3. After the computer has completely shut down, turn off the grey switch on the power strip located behind the computer.
  4. If you used the wall-mounted TV, use the green On/Off on the upper right of the remote control to turn off the TV. The small red light will be lit when the TV is turned off.