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Other Histology Web Sites

There are a number of useful Web sites for review of Medical Histology, some of which include useful self quizzes.

University of Michigan Virtual Histology Slidebox

Junqueira Virtual Histology Slidebox

Virtual Histology at Dartmouth

Virtual Slides from the University of Iowa - This is a new concept where you can change magnification and scan a slide. You must use Internet Explorer to view this web site.

Virtual Slides at Loyola University

LUMEN - This is an excellent site from the Loyola University Medical Education Network and has very useful histology practical exam quizes (click on Practical A or Practical B for the topic of your choice) in addition to a nice collection of slides on various topics.

Jay Doc HistoWeb - This is a histology web site from the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the University of Kansas School of Medicine

Histology at University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana School of Medicine - This site has an atlas of exceptional interactive histology images.

Histology from the University of Western Australia - This site has self-study lessons with embedded and labeled slide images, diagrams, animations, and some excellent quizzes.

Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy