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Cell and Tissue Structure/Physiology Course Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the organization of the cell and the function of its constituent organelles

  2. Understand the organization of the four basic tissue types

  3. Understand membrane physiology to include active transport,membrane potentials and action potentials

  4. Understand the structural organization and physiology of the various types of muscle

  5. Develop the skill of using a light microscope

  6. Develop the skill of being able to “read” an unknown slide, including the ability to identify normal tissue types in various contexts

  7. Begin to acquire the ability to recognize the organ of origin for microscopic slides

  8. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively as a small group member and to assist in the learning of others

  9. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability (promptness in arriving at lab; coming prepared to all lab sessions; maintaining equipment and clean lab environment