Cultural Competency: Introduction
Cultural Competency > Introduction


The educational chapters in this monograph serve as the framework for the principles of cultural competency in the care of patients presenting to the Emergency Department.

In addition to the chapters, this monograph includes teaching cases that provide real-life scenarios of various cultural groups who have presented to the ED. While these cases are representative, they are not exhaustive. They are presented in a similar format highlighting attitudes and assumptions for the physician and for the patient. The teaching cases also discuss aspects of cross-cultural tools and skills including case outcome, disposition, and the relevant parts of the six ACGME core competencies in Emergency Medicine. We have also included abstracts obtained from various sources which provide pertinent material related to the subject of cultural competency. The final section is an extensive bibliography on cultural competency extracted from the AAMC website.

We realize that a curriculum on cultural competency cannot be a "one size fits all" for every emergency medicine residency program or medical school. Therefore, we recommend that program directors utilize this monograph as a resource to extract educational material specific for their programmatic teaching needs on cultural competency.