Module Introduction

Welcome to the University of Virginia's Family Medicine Clerkship Preceptor Development program (PDP). Although we prefer face-to-face communication with our preceptor colleagues, we realize that it is difficult for you to take time away from your busy schedule to attend a series of faculty development sessions. As a result, we have designed this cd rom/web hybrid program to help you expand your clinical repertoire. Our goal is to create a program for you that is enjoyable, stimulating, flexible, and convenient. Able to be used on any computer that has a cd-rom drive, the PDP has some embedded web-links and web-based forms that require internet access, though this is not required to complete the PDP. As a result, you can participate in this program from your office or home.

As you proceed through the PDP, some of the information may be familiar to you, in which case it will reinforce your current knowledge. In other cases, the information may be new. Our hope is that this information will be interesting and informative. We also hope you will use this information to supplement the expertise you personally bring to all of your precepting encounters.

The PDP is organized into a series of discrete learning modules. Each module can be completed in a short time and includes a brief evaluation at the end. Your feedback will enable us to improve this program for future participants.

The modules are designed as stand-alone activities. As a result, you can complete as many modules as you like during a computer session. However, you cannot stop in the middle of a module so it is key that you set aside the appropriate amount of time per session. (you must complete any evaluation forms in one sitting, as this information is not saved unless completed.) In order to make it easier for you, we have estimated the average amount of time needed to complete the given module and have noted this at the beginning of each module. We feel, for the sake of your educational continuity, it would be distracting for you to be disturbed during a module so we have designed the program in this manner.

These materials were developed through a HRSA Family Medicine Predoctoral Training Grant to the University of Virginia (#5D16HP00134-03-00) and through the special efforts of Lisa K. Rollins, Ph.D.; Karen Maughan, MD (Clerkship Director); John Gazewood, MD, MSPH (Predoctoral Director); and John Jackson, MS (Medical Education Support).

We also gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the Mountain Valley AHEC Office of Regional Primary Care Education, Asheville, North Carolina. Many of the materials they developed through a HRSA Family Medicine Training Grant (#1D15PE50119-01) have been adapted for this program.

Creative Commons License This work may be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.