Orientation Continued, Student Expectations

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Orienting the Student to the UVA Family Medicine Clerkship

Much of the orientation to the Family Medicine Clerkship is taken care of through a student clerkship orientation. During this orientation, students were given a clerkship notebook that included information about the course directors, student responsibilities (including the goals and objectives of the clerkship), how to get the most out of a community experience, preceptor responsibilities, standards and procedures for evaluation, and reference material. You can access the orientation and clerkship materials through the clerkship webpage

Students were also introduced to the handheld computers they will be using as part of their clerkship experience, they were given information about their housing arrangements, and they were given driving directions to your practice.

Please review the forms that you will use to evaluate the student


Understanding the Student's Expectations: Meeting the student for the first time

It is important that you take the opportunity to discuss the rotation with the student when he or she first arrives, not only to set the stage for the rotation, but to also get to know each other.

You need not do the entire orientation at once. For example, after a brief initial orientation, the student can work with you for part of the morning, allowing time for a more leisurely orientation at lunch.

We suggest that you incorporate the following components into the discussion with the student during his or her first day with you:

You also might want to give the student the attached "Student Background" form to facilitate this discussion.

The following video clip provides a sample portion of a student orientation. Please watch the clip and consider the following questions as you are observing the interaction:

  • What issues did the preceptor address with the student?
  • What questions did the preceptor ask to facilitate the conversation?
  • What strategies did the preceptor use to help the student clarify her goals for the preceptorship?


Module 1: Taking a Student into your Office