Reflecting on your learning style:

At the beginning of a student's time with you, there is often a "feeling out" period in which the student and you are adjusting to each other and learning each other's styles and preferences. Having the student complete the attached Index of Learning Styles tool at the beginning of your time together may: 1) provide the student with additional insight into how he/she learns, and 2) provide you with insight into how to focus your instruction.

At this point, you hopefully have a greater sense of your natural instructional style from the Teaching Styles Self Assessment Tool. However, we also tend to gravitate towards the kind of instruction that suits our learning style. In order for you to understand your learning style, it will be helpful for you to complete the following form. You may also choose to have your student complete the form and use it as a point of discussion during your orientation with the student. All of this information will help you better understand yourselves and facilitate your instructional relationship.

Download the Index of Learning Styles

Module 2: Teaching and Learning Styles