Learning goals for this module

  1. Identify the defining characteristics of feedback
  2. Identify barriers that often prevent preceptors from providing feedback
  3. Outline an approach for providing effective feedback
  4. Identify ways to incorporate feedback into a busy office setting
Estimated Time:
40 Minutes


Whether you work with your students for a week, month, or semester at a time, you get to know your student well. In fact, you have more one-on-one time with them than most of their instructors at the University of Virginia. This is an important benefit of educating students in a community preceptor's office and perhaps, one of the reasons why the UVA Family Medicine Clerkship continues to receive the highest ratings from its students compared to other clerkships. This close working relationship offers an excellent opportunity to share your assessment of the student's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides an opportunity for you to facilitate further development of the student's clinical skills.

This module will help you explore effective ways to provide feedback to your students. It will include discussions of the following

We also have included a handout you can give your students that discusses the feedback process.

Module 4: Providing Feedback