Learning goals for this module

  1. Understand how and why the University of Virginia's School of Medicine Clinical Skills Passports system was developed
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Family Medicine Clinical Skills Passport
  3. Familiarize yourself with how the knee, back, and skin exams are taught in the student workshops
  4. Identify ways to teach and review these skills with the students
  5. Identify teaching and learning opportunities unique to preventive health visits
  6. Identify evidence-based resources to develop a preventive health plan for an adult and child
Estimated Time:
40 Minutes


Module 6 addresses three areas:

  1. The University of Virginia's Clinical Skills Passport program
  2. Video segments of physical examination related to the clinical competencies from the Clinical Skills Passport with helpful tips for teaching
  3. Components of a preventive health visit and sources for evidence-based preventive health care

Module 6 : Teaching the "Family Medicine Clinical Competencies"