A Case Scenario - Has this ever happened to you?

It is the next to last day of the Family Medicine Clerkship rotation and the learner, with whom you have been working for the month, hands you a form that you have never seen before. She states, "I need you to do a final evaluation with me for the rotation before I leave at noon tomorrow." You look at your packed schedule and decide that, if your are lucky, you will be able to fit in a 30-minute session some time in the middle of the day. You recall that the learner arrived on one of your busiest days and you didn't have a chance to do your usual orientation.

That night, when you get home from admitting a patient at 10:00 PM, you reflect on the student's performance. She was very pleasant and friendly and was very well liked by your office staff. Her clinical performance was adequate but not as good as the last student you had in your office. There were times when you recommended that she do some reading and report back to you, but it was not done. A couple of patients said they felt the learner was a little "pushy" at times. You look at the form and see questions related to the student's ability to take a history and perform a physical exam and you realize that you never directly observed those skills. You decide to primarily give the student 4s (Superior Performance - Top 20%), with one 3 (Typical Performance - Expected for a UVA student).

After a very hectic morning, you finally meet at 1:00 PM and review the form. The student is upset and says, "I need to get 5s for Honors.... My career depends on it!" The student points to several areas on the form stating, "You never told me I needed to do better on that. How can I improve if you never told me?"

What would you identify as the issues related to this evaluation scenario? Take a few moments to list them.