Evaluation and feedback are very similar. However, evaluation typically is:

  • Scheduled
  • Formal
  • Addresses global performance
  • Is used to determine "grading" or improvement
  • Ascribes a "value" to the behavior being assessed

Evaluation: Why is it important?

Why do you feel evaluation is important?

Key reasons that address the importance of evaluation:

  1. Evaluating learners is a basic expectation of teaching.

  2. Evaluation can help you model for the learner how to assess their current strengths and weaknesses. It also helps the learner identify areas for professional growth and development.

  3. Evaluation is used by a school or program to make decisions regarding advancement, promotion, and licensing of its learners.

  4. Effective and ongoing evaluation can enhance the quality of the learning experience. Areas of weakness can be identified and specifically addressed. Evaluation of instruction can improve the experience for the learner.