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Medical Immunology 2010-11 Quiz Schedule

Quiz #
Opening Date
Closing Date
Chapter Coverage

Quiz 1

Thurs, Aug. 26, 4pm

Mon., Aug. 30, 10pm

IMM-1  through IMM-2

Quiz 2

Thurs, Sept.  2, 4pm

Mon., Sept.6, 10pm

IMM-3 through IMM-5 & Methods 1

Quiz 3

Thurs, Sept.  9,  4pm

Mon., Sept. 13, 10pm

IMM-6, IMM-7 & Methods 2

Quiz 4

Thurs, Sept. 16, 4pm

Mon., Sept. 20, 10pm

IMM-8 through IMM-10

Quiz 5

Thurs., Sept. 23, 4pm

Mon., Sept. 27, 10pm

IMM 11-13

Quiz 6

Thurs., Sept. 30, 4pm

Mon., Oct.  4, 10 pm

IMM 14&15, Cases 1&2

Quiz - optional

Fri., Oct.8, 4pm

Tues., Oct. 12, 10 pm

IMM 16&17, Cases 3-6

Note: All quizzes are timed, but you may use textbooks, lecture notes, and online resourses. Material in the quizzes must be understood in order to build on that knowledge for later lectures. We recommend that you study, organize your notes, and then sign in to begin the quiz, in order to assure that you have plenty of time. All quizzes must be taken on grounds, as no proxy connection is allowed.