The Goals of POM-1 are derived from the Competencies for Medical Student Education :

1.      To help students develop and practice a set of personal and professional attributes that enable the independent performance of the responsibilities of a physician and the ability to adapt to the evolving practice of medicine. These include an attitude of commitment to:

• Humanism, compassion and empathy

• Collegiality and interdisciplinary collaboration

• Continuing and lifelong self-education

• Ethical personal and professional conduct

• Legal standards and conduct

2.      Develop the ability to engage and involve any patient in a relationship for the purpose of clinical problem solving and care throughout the duration of the relationship.

3.      Elicit a clinical history.

4.      Perform components of the physical exam.

5.      Begin to generate and refine a differential diagnosis for a clinical finding or set of findings.

6.      Begin to organize, record, present, research, critique and manage clinical information.

7.      Develop knowledge of the social, economic, ethical and legal context within which medicine is practiced.