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In general, a peripheral flow pattern tends to be a feature of benign nodules, and malignant nodules tend to have internal vascularity, but there is considerable overlap. Marked internal vascularity may be more often present in malignant than benign nodules, but a great percentage of nodules with internal hypervascularity are benign. Furthermore, solid hypovascular nodules can be malignant. A cystic nodule without any internal flow, however, is unlikely to be a papillary carcinoma.

Moon HJ, et al (Radiology April 2010) concluded that vascularity itself or a combination of vascularity and grayscale US features was not as useful as the use of suspicious gray-scale US features alone for predicting thyroid malignancy. "Can Vascularity at Power Doppler US Help Predict Thyroid Malignancy?" by Moon HJ, et al.

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