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Nuclear Medicine

A minority of adenomas may be autonomously hyperfunctioning causing thyrotoxicosis, and thus the initial workup of a palpable thyroid nodule should include measurement of serum TSH levels. Low TSH level would be an indication for thyroid scintigraphy, which is otherwise not useful in the evaluation of thyroid nodules.

Cold Nodule commonly is a colloid cyst, however it is reported that 20% of cold nodules are malignant and that warrants biopsy especially in a young patient or when there is history of radiation therapy.

Hot Nodule are almost always adenomas, of which half are autonomous which cause the surrounding normal thyroid tissue to become suppressed.

Discordant Nodule some nodules are hot on pertechnetate but cold on iodine scan. Therefore a solitary hot nodule on pertechnetate may be imaged with iodine.

Warm Nodules - are considered cold nodules as far as management. At times oblique views help in determining true nature.

Dominant or otherwise suspicious cold nodules in a multinodular goiter warrant further characterization.

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