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Thyroid Ultrasound mini-Quiz

1. Which features if seen on thyroid ultrasound suggest a benign etiology?

a. Focal lesion with multiple non-shadowing echogenic foci
b. Hypoechoic nodule with internal vascularity
c. Heterogeneous, solid nodule
d. Focal lesion containing a punctate, highly echogenic focus with ring-down artifact

2. What is the most frequent type of endocrine carcinoma in the US?

a. Thyroid
b. Pituitary
c. Adrenal
d. Pancreatic

3. What is the greatest known risk factor for thyroid cancer?

a. Prior neck trauma
b. The presence of lingual thyroid tissue
c. External head and neck radiation, especially during infancy
d. Smoking

4. What is the most common thyroid neoplasm?

a. Follicular
b. Papillary
c. Anaplastic
d. Medullary

5. Which of the following is the most ominous imaging finding if seen on ultrasound of the thyroid?

a. Numerous cysts
b. Microcalcifications
c. Coarse,central calcifications
d. Invasion of adjacent structures
e. “Grinch-like”

6. What is the estimated percentage of thyroid nodules in patients with a clinically normal thyroid?

a. 1%
b. 10%
c. 50%
d. 90%

7. Which thyroid lesion may have the sonographic appearance of a testicle and may be used in an attempt to fool you in case conference or on board exams?

a. Follicular adenoma
b. Colloid nodule
c. Thyroglossal cyst
d. Pyramidal lobe

8. What is currently felt to be the best way to deal with a subcentimeter thyroid nodule seen incidentally on chest CT?

a. Report the nodule only
b. Recommend ultrasound evaluation in every case
c. Recommend nuclear thyroid uptake and scan
d. Ignore it

9. A 35 year old female presents with a painless enlarged thyroid. Ultrasound evaluation shows diffusely coarse echotexture of the gland with innumerable tiny hypoechoic nodules interspersed with echogenic fibrous bands. Vascularity was normal. TSH was high. What is the most likely diagnosis.

a. Graves' disease
b. Hashimoto thyroiditis
c. De Quervain thyroiditis
d. Lymphoma

10. What percentage of metabolically active thyroid nodules on PET are malignant?

a. 10%
b. 25%
c. 33%
d. 50%

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