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Acute pancreatitis is most often secondary to alcohol abuse or gallstone impaction in the distal common bile duct. Other causes include trauma, cryptogenic, tumor, infection, hyperlipidemia, and ERCP.

CT Findings typical of pancreatitis include:
1. An enlarged pancreas with infiltration of the surrounding fat
2. Peripancreatic fluid collections can often be seen
3. Pseudocysts, (encapsulated fluid collections containing pancreatic secretions, are later complications of pancreatitis)

Notice the peripancreatic stranding (bars) as well
as the fluid thickening of the interfascial space

A common complication of pancreatitis is the development of pancreatic necrosis. Lack of gland enhancement following IV contrast administration is diagnostic. When over half the pancreas becomes necrosed, the mortality rate may reach as high as 30%.

Pancreatic necrosis(arrow).

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