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Liver (cont.)

Hepatic injuries in general take the same forms as splenic injuries: laceration, intraparenchymal hematoma, infarct and subcapsular hematoma. The American Association of Trauma Surgery has published a hepatic injury scale as follows:

Class Criteria
I Capsular tear, < 1cm parenchymal depth
II Parenchymal tear, 1-3cm parenchymal depth
III Parenchymal disruption, > 3cm parenchymal depth but < 25% of hepatic lobe
IV Parenchymal disruption, 25-50% of heptic lobe
V Parenchymal disruption, > 50% of hepatic lobe
VI Hepatic avulsion

Grade 4 intraparanchymal hepatic hematoma
of right lobe (arrow).

Grade 5 intrahepatic hematoma of right lobe with active bleeding (arrow).


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