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Renal injuries occur in 15 to 40% of all patients with abdominal trauma. CT examination is only indicated in patients with mutli-organ trauma where major renal injuries are suspected. CT has been shown to be more sensitive than intravenous urography in the detection of renal injuries, especially in assessing the severity and location of injury. Most patients with blunt renal injuries can be effectively treated without surgical intervention. CT is highly useful for:

1. Diagnosing and staging renal injuries
2. Determining the depth of cortical lacerations
3. The quantity of devascularized renal tissue
4. The status of the renal collecting system
5. The extent of peri-renal hemorrhage

This injury to the right kidney has resulted in
extavasation of urine, dense due to IV contrast excreation into the retroperitoneal
space (arrow).

A post-traumatic adrenal hematoma (arrow).


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