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    1)  Which of the following is not an advantage of Cardiac MRI?

    1. MRI contrast has minimal nephrotoxicity
    2. Cardiac MRI does not require ionizing radiation
    3. Cardiac MRI is not operator dependant
    4. Cardiac MRI has shorter imaging time than CT
    5. The image is not degraded by adjacent bone or air

    Answer: D. Some of the major advantages of Cardiac MRI are that it has minimal nephrotoxicity, no ionizing radiation, its signal is not degraded in obese patients, and it is not operator dependant. However, the imaging time is significantly longer than in CT and requires a good amount of cooperation from the patient.

    2)  Which of the following is not a contraindication to Cardiac MRI?

    1. Cardiac pacemakers
    2. Intraocular metal
    3. Coronary stents
    4. Intracranial shrapnel
    5. Cochlear implants

    Answer: C. Coronary stents are not a contraindication to Cardiac MRI as they are not made of ferromagnetic material. The other options listed are absolute contraindications to MRI as they can both induce electrical currents in the patient or be attracted to the magnet and result in damage to surrounding structures.

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