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Review Question Answers

    1)  Which of the following would give a pericardial effusion with a relatively high signal on T1-weighted imaging?

    1. Uremic Pericarditis
    2. Viral infection
    3. Transudate
    4. Hemorrhage

    Answer: D. Hemorrhage. Hemorrhage and chylous effusions typically have more signal on T1-weighted images as compared to transudated and exudates.

    2)  Which of the following is not a sign of constrictive pericarditis?

    1. Pericardium thickness >3mm
    2. Lack of pericardial slippage on tagged images
    3. Right ventricular dilation
    4. Right atrial dilation
    5. Diastolic septal bounce

    Answer: C. Right ventricular dilation. The other choices are typical findings of constrictive pericarditis.

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