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Fluid in the Chest Quiz Answers

1. Click on the effusion in the chest x-ray below.

The cardiac shadow is enlarged due to a pericardial effusion.

2. ARDS is usually characterized by a normal PCWP.
ARDS is a non-cardiac cause of pulmonary edema. PCWP is a measure of left atrial filling pressures which are not typically affected by ARDS, a primary pulmonary process.

3. The lucencies shown below are caused by fluid in the aleveoli.

Air bronchograms are the result of air filled bronchi in a background of fluid filled alveoli. The film above is an example of this.

4. Signs of pulmonary edema include which of the following?
Kerly A lines, Haziness of hilum, Wedge shaped density, and Air bronchograms.

5. Which of the following properly labels the chest films, from left to right?

ARDS, Pericardial Effusion, Alveolar Pulmonary Edema

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