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Lines and Tubes Quiz Answers

1. Click on the area where a properly placed ET Tube tip would be positioned.

The ET tube should be at least 2cm from the carina when the patient's head is in the neutral position.

2. The Swan-Ganz catheter tip (arrow) lies in which vessel?

Left pulmonary artery
Although not common, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure catheters may enter the left main pulmonary artery. The catheter should function normally on either side.

3. From top to bottom, what do the arrows on the x-ray indicate?

Endotracheal Tube, Swan-Ganz Catheter, Aortic Balloon Pump

4. How often are PCWP monitors malpositioned?
The catheter tip should ideally be positioned no more distally than the proximal interlobar pulmonary arteries. A good rule of thumb is the catheter tip should be within the mediastinal shadow.

5. What is the most common complication of central line placement?
Although all of the given options are complications, a pneumothorax may occur in as many as 6% of cases.

6. What complication is this patient most likely to experience?
Pulmonary infarction
The PCWP catheter has been advanced too far and may result in pulmonary infarction. See the answer to question 4 for details on catheter placement.

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