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Upper G.I. Tract Biphasic-Contrast Exam (cont.)


  • Day before use: Soda Siphon filled with 1 liter of “bubbly barium” (96.8% W/V) (3 1/2 cups Barosperse barium, 2/3 cup E-Z-HD barium, 100 ml MC methyl cellulose, 6 ml Mylicon drops, water added up to 1000 ml). Refrigerate overnight.

    Day of use: Shake siphon well and add CO2 cartridge. Place siphon in bucket of ice. Shake siphon again vigorously before each use.

  • Thick barium (high-density, high viscosity E-Z-HD, 250% W/V) - 30 ml (1 oz)

  • Glucagon - 0.2 mg in 1 ml syringe (0.3 mg for new residents)

  • Small compression paddle with hook (Holzknecht paddle)

  • Balloon compression paddle

  • Lead glove (to cover hand when using compression paddle)

  • Film cassettes. (If you substitute digital recording or 100 mm photospot camera films for conventional spot films, use a magnified field on the image intensifier to “zoom in” on your target.)

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