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CT-Guided Percutaneous Gastrostomy: A Tutorial

Step 6: Axial sections (using CT-fluoroscopy or conventional CT) are then acquired through the marked location on the abdominal wall to confirm that the abdominal contents have not moved. Use lung windows to identify the air-filled gastric lumen. Adjust the puncture site, if necessary. Advance the introducer needle through the anterior abdominal wall and quickly thrust the needle 2 to 5 cm into the air-filled stomach. The introducer needle comes pre-loaded with a gastrointestinal suture anchor. At this point, air should again be  pumped into the stomach using the insufflation bulb (6-8 puffs, as needed).

Percutaneous gastric puncture

ntroducer needle in the stomach, note the puncture site angle is such that the gastrostomy could be easily converted to a jejunostomy as well.

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