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Inflammatory Disorders

Acute Gastritis

Acute gastritis is a process of transient inflammation characterized histologically by neutrophilic infilitrates. The condition is most frequently associated with NSAIDs, smoking, and alcohol use. Erosions are a typical finding in acute gastritis and represent destruction of the gastric mucosal surface not extending beyond the muscularis mucosa. Erosions may be diffuse and frequently result in bleeding that is difficult to control. In contrast to ulcers, erosions do not heal by scar formation, but are replaced by new epithelium.

Most patients are asymptomatic; however, in those with clinical manifestions, presenting symptoms include abdominal pain and/or hematemesis.

Radiographic Findings:

  • Thickened gastric rugae (> 5mm) secondary to edema

  • Mucosal nodularity

  • Antral narrowing (indicative of h. pylori)

  • Erosions: manifest by small mucosal defects that collect contrast

Acutre Gastritis
Acute Gastritis

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