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Cortical Carcinoma

Adrenocortical carcinoma is a very rare primary adrenal malignany whose major feature is a rather large size at presentation: the mean diameter is 12 cm. 40% are hyperfunctional with elevated urine 17-ketosteroid, and are often locally invasive with metastases to the liver, lung, and bone with vascular involvement.

CT findings include heterogeneous attenuation, foci of calcification is 30% with irregular, ill-defined or nodular margins.

This large left adrenal carcinoma (A) was displacing the left kidney inferiorly and the left colon anteriorly confirming its position in the left retroperitoneum.  The mass is heterogenously enhancing and demonstrates dramatic invasion into the left adrenal vein (red arrow) and into the IVC (yellow arrow).

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