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Bladder Diverticula


Bladder diverticula occur as a result of focal herniations of the urothelium and submucosa and usually occur in the setting of chronic elevation of intravesical pressure. They tend to occur next to ureteral orifices and are an important cause of urinary stasis, ureteral obstruction, and vesicoureteral reflux.

Radiographic findings include a smooth inner wall with a saccule of 2 cm or less. Occassionally, the diverticula may be filled with stones, or, more rarely, carcinoma.

Pelvic (Bladder) ultrasound shows a large outpouching (D) of the bladder wall and mucosa projecting from the lumen of the bladder (B). This diverticulum was in close proximity to the ureteral entrance into the bladder resulting in a particular type of bladder tic known as a "Hutch" diverticulum.

Contrast enhanced CT of pelvis shows a small diverticulum projecting form the left lateral wall of the bladder (arrow).

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