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Malignant causes of ureteral narrowing include urothelial tumor, local extension of extrinsic tumor, distant metastasis with extrinsic compression, lymphoma with extrinsic compression from adenopathy. Inflammation of the ureter wall with intraluminal narrowing may occur with tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, regional enteritis, diverticulitis, appendicitis, or endometriosis. Passage of a stone or intraureteral instrumentation (such as stone extraction or uretrolithotomy) may result in edema. Other causes include congenital strictures, retroperitoneal fibrosis, radiation therapy, pelvic lipomatosis, and amyloidosis.

Contrast enhanced CT scan through (1) kidneys and (2) bladder show dilated left collecting system(red arrow) and dilated distal left ureter due to distal left ureteral benign stricture (yellow arrow).

Contrast enhanced CT shows atrophy left kidney (LK) probably from chronic ureteral obstruction. Lower slice in same patient shows soft tissue mass surrounding the aorta (arrow) in a pattern consistent with retroperitoneal fibrosis. The left ureter was seen being pulled into the mass (u).

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