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Five percent of lymphomas involve the kidney (Non-Hodgkins lymphoma more often than Hodgkins lymphoma) and exhibit three patterns of involvement: direct expansion from retroperitoneal disease, hematogenous dissemination, and primary renal lymphoma (very rare). Retroperitoneal adenopathy can displace or obstruct ureters.

Radiographic findings include multiple lymphomatous masses (hypodense, hypoechoic), diffuse involvement of one or both kidneys, and associated adenopathy.

Contrast enhanced CT scan in patient with systemic lymphoma. At the level of the kidneys, new bilateral ill defined renal hypodensities (arrows) were suspicious for renal involvement by lymphoma. Following additional courses of chemotherapy, these findings resolved confirming our suspicion.

Contrast enhanced CT scan in patient with non Hodgkins lymphoma shows small left kidney with poorly enhancing cortex and abnormal soft tissue (lymph nodes) involving the paraaortic region (arrows) and invading directly into left renal sinus.

Gray scale ultrasound of patient with systemic lymphoma shows a massively enlarged right kidney (> 13 cm) thought likely due to diffuse lymphomatous involvement. No discrete kidney mass was seen.

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