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20% of cancer patients have renal metastases at autopsy. The most common cancers to spread to the kidneys include breast, lung, GI, melanoma, and lymphoma. If there is a solitary lesion detected on a staging CT scan, a biopsy is necessary to distinguish from renal cell carcinoma from metastatic disease to the kidney.

Coronal 3D reconstructed image of CT scan of the abomen in a patient with breast carcinoma. Notice normal right kidney (minimal right upper pole cortical scar (arrow) and normal left lower pole and contrast this with the mass like lesion in left upper pole (M). This was biopsied and confirmed to be metastatic disease from a known breast primary.

CT scan through lung bases (1) and through the kidneys (2) in a patient with a metastatic sarcoma shows bilateral lung nodules and ill defined low density rounded lesions in the kidneys bilaterally (arrows) in this patient with a diffuse metastatic process.

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