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Oncocytomas are benign renal tumors with no metastatic potential but are indistinguishable radiographically with renal cell carcinoma. Focal biopsy is of little use because areas of RCC can contain elements of oncocytoma. If there is a strong suspicion that the mass in question is benign, a renal sparing procedure is an option. At the time of surgery, the mass is completely excised and the entire lesion can be examined histiologically for any evidence of renal cell carcinoma while the patient is still on the OR table. If renal cell carcinoma is present, total or partial nephrectomy would be completed.

Radiographic findings include a solid expansile mass with a pseudocapsule that is isoechoic or heterogeneous on ultrasound with heterogeneous enhancement on CT. Central stellate scars and a "spoke wheel" arteriographic pattern also suggests oncocytoma.

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