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Scrotal trauma presents with pain, nausea, vomiting and extreme tenderness with scrotal ecchymosis and swelling. Surgical exploration and debridment is needed if the tunica albuginea has been violated and devitalized seminiferous tubules have extruded, or if there is a large scrotal hematoma.

Ultrasonographic findings of testicular injury include irregular testicular contour (rupture), multifocal linear hypoechoic areas (contusion), complex hydrocele, or extratesticular mass caused by hematoma.

Gray scale ultrasound (1) and color flow (2) images show a focal hypoechoic collecting (arrows) within this testicle status post blunt trauma. This is most consistent with hematoma given mechanism. However, testicular carcinoma may present as a cystic mass and therefore urologic follow up and ultrasound follow up was recommended to confirm resolution of this finding (which it did).

Gray scale ultrasound image in another patient who suffered a "saddle injury" from a mountain bike shows an echogenic colleting (M) expanding the testicle which is most consistent with an acute testicular hematoma. Again, following confirmed resolution of this finding.

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