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Vesicoureteral Reflux Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which grade of reflux is typically treated with surgery?
Grade 5

Question 2: What type of contrast is used in performing the VCUG?
Dilute Hypaque

Question 3: What percentage of children with a urinary tract infection will also have vesicoureteral reflux?

Question 4: The expected bladder capacity of a two year old is:
Hint: (2+2)*30=120

Question 5: This exam demonstrates what grade of reflux?

Grade 2
Hint: see question 8

Question 6: The standard normal voiding cystourethrogram consists of how many spot films?

Question 7: Most children will require sedation for the voiding cystourethrogram.

Question 8: What grade of reflux is demonstrated with contrast refluxing into the proximal renal collecting system without dilatation?
Grade 2
Hint: see question 5

Question 9: A preliminary KUB film is not necessary in the VCUG exam because it results in unnecessary radiation.

Question 10: Reflux is typically seen during early filling of the bladder.

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