Pediatric Neurology Quiz Part I Answers

Question 1: On the parasagittal image in head ultrasound, germinal matrix hemorrhage is differentiated from choroid plexus by ... Location, the choroid plexus is posterior to the caudothalamic groove and hemorrhage is anterior.

Question 2: Grade III germinal matrix hemorrhage is differentiated from grade II by ... The presence of ventricular dilatation.

Question 3: The lacunar skull seen in patients with Chiari II malformations is directly related to the degree of hydrocephalus. - False

Question 4: Imaging findings seen in Chiari II malformations include all of the following except ... Posterior fossa cyst.

Question 5: Alobar holoprosencephaly is characterized by the lack of cleavage of the two cerebral hemispheres, a monoventricle, an absent falx cerebri, and partially separated thalami. - False

Question 6: Schizencephaly can be differentiated from a porencephalic cyst by ... The cleft being lined by gray matter.

Question 7: Abnormal neuronal migration may lead to all of the following except ... Hydranencephaly.

Question 8: In hydranencephaly, the cerebellum and thalami are typically spared because ... They are fed by the vertebrobasilar system.

Question 9: One cause of high output congestive heart failure in the newborn is a vein of Galen malformation. - True

Question 10: Myelination patterns are best demonstrated with CT of the head. - False

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