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Quiz Answers

1) A:

Note that 100 MeV is a high-energy photon! This favors pair production, especially in a high Z atom (calcium has a relatively high atomic number for atoms of biologic tissues). By contrast, Compton scatter is important in intermediate energy photons from hundreds of KeV to 10 MeV, and photoelectric absorption is favored in lower energy interactions.

For a more in-depth introductory treatment of radiation interaction with matter, see Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology. 2005. 33(1). 3-18.

2) D.  (False) 

Neutrinos are small, neutral particles that are important in minor energetic changes of radioisotopes. Neutrinos have no radiobiological significance.

3) C.  (Alpha particle) 

Alpha particle = naked helium nucleus, which contains two protons. A beta particle and electron have the same charge, and a gamma ray has no charge or mass.

4) C


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