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Incidental Findings

Many incidental findings are seen during sonographic scanning and include but are not limited to the following: dilated red testis (Fig 12a, 12b), incidental cysts (Fig 6b, 6c), microcalcifications and microlithiasis (Fig 12c).


Fig 12 a. Rete testis, normal, b. Dilated rete testis (tubular ectasia).


Ultrasonographic criteria for the diagnosis of testicular microlithiasis has been described as the presence of at least 5 pinpoint hyperechoic foci of size smaller than 3 mm in one field of view without posterior shadowing. (6)

In a study by Kostantinos et al the incidence of testicular microlithiasis (4.6%) and the percentage of patients with testicular cancer among testicular microlithiasis patients (11%), were in accordance with most of the aforementioned studies (0.6-9% and 6-75% respectively). They state that although it is not known whether and when a patient with testicular microlithiasis would ever develop testicular cancer, they agree with the current recommendations and similarly suggest that patients with evidence of testicular microlithiasis should be screened for testicular cancer in a regular basis, such as annual testicular ultrasound or physical exam. (7)

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