Residents As Teachers - Home

Sample PhotoWelcome to the University of Virginia Health System’s Residents as Teachers website. As residents, you will play a critical role in educating UVa medical students. The intent of this website is to provide you with some useful information to help you in this process. The site includes the following:

A series of education modules that address teaching skills relevant to both clinical and non-clinical settings. Modules address the following topics:

  • A module for teaching that can be applied to any setting (TEACH)
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Precepting skills
  • Teaching at the bedside
  • A series of common resident teaching scenarios with suggested approaches
  • Common teaching mistakes made by residents

In addition, the site includes:

  • Important information for you to know as a teacher of medical students, e.g. important dates, policies, how you will be evaluated as a teacher, etc.
  • Resources to help you with your teaching - these include books, articles, links to videos of physical exams/procedures, and links to other useful websites
  • A list of previous resident/fellow teaching award winners from UVa

We hope this site is helpful to you.

A final thought for your consideration:

“For good teaching rests neither in accumulating a shelf full of knowledge nor in developing a repertoire of skills. In the end, good teaching lies in a willingness to attend and care for what happens in our students, ourselves, and the space between us. Good teaching is a certain kind of stance...It is a stance of receptivity, of attunement, of listening.”

Laurent A. Daloz (20th century)
U.S. Educator