Residents As Teachers - Teaching at the Bedside - Take-Home Points


Take-Home Points

Teaching at the bedside offers one of the most fundamental, experiential ways to teach medicine, yet it is also one of the most complex. Patients are central to this form of teaching and it involves multiple simultaneous relationships: resident-learner, learner-patient, and resident-patient, as well as the inter-relationships among the larger healthcare team.

Teaching at the Bedside

It is important to approach bedside teaching with a general organizational framework, prepare yourself and the student ahead of time, identify the main point of going to the bedside with a given patient, let students benefit from the hard work of experiential learning and self-direction, challenge students without humiliating them, summarize, conduct a wrap-up outside of the patient room, then conduct a short debrief and self-evaluate your instruction.

As a quick reminder, consider the time of year as you teach. Students begin their clerkship rotations in March and they will be less familiar with clinical concepts and procedures in the Spring.