Residents As Teachers - Teaching at the Bedside - Tip 1: Prepare Ahead of Time


Tip 1: Prepare Yourself and Your Student Ahead of Time

  • On-site preparation: Be sure to define the learner’s needs, for example:

    Does the learner already know how to take an alcohol history? If so, observe and provide feedback.

    Does the learner know how to examine for splenomegaly? If not, demonstrate and then provide a chance for practice.

In addition, pay attention to the time of year you are teaching. UVA medical students begin their clinical rotations in March. As a result, students rotating onto your service in Spring are less likely to be familiar with basic clinical concepts and procedures. It is important to take this into account in your teaching. For example, be careful to verify and/or review some of the following when you first meet the student on your service (this list is by no means exhaustive):

Teaching at the Bedside
  • How to access and maneuver through EPIC
  • How to conduct basic aspects of taking a history and/or physical
  • How to present a patient
  • Basic code of conduct on your service
  • Basic expectations
  • How to get basic tasks completed within the Health System (it is important that you teach about process as well as clinical content)