Residents As Teachers - Teaching at the Bedside - Tip 3: Teach with Comfort and Dignity


Tip 3: Be sure you are teaching in a manner that maintains respect for the patients' comfort and dignity

It is important to remember that patients are usually stressed when they are in the hospital and they most likely are not feeling well. The number of health care providers patients encounter in a teaching hospital can also be overwhelming, especially when it may be unclear to patients who all of the individuals are and why they are there. As a result, it is important to remember to:

  • Provide proper introductions or re-introductions
  • Explain (if necessary) to the patient that the primary focus of this visit is on teaching
  • Alert the patient when your comments are educational and not relevant to them
  • Check in with the patient to show that you care for their Teaching at the Bedsidecomfort and dignity
  • Keep the family in the room when possible and appropriate
  • Decide, in advance, how much to talk about with the patient versus what is discussed before and after the encounter.

Reflect on your recent patient encounters over the past week.

What behaviors did you exhibit that reflect respect of patients?
Was there room for improvement? If so, what might you do differently?