Residents As Teachers - Teaching at the Bedside - Tip 4: Use Yourself as Role Model


Tip 4: Use yourself as an EXPLICIT role model

The concept of role modeling is one of the key values of bedside teaching. In this context, you are able to:

  • Demonstrate how to handle difficult communication scenarios
  • Demonstrate humane, compassionate interactions
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Remember, learners are profoundly impacted by both what you say and do

Be explicit in your teaching. For example,

Prior to entering the room you could say to the student, "Watch how I use empathy to open up the discussion about code status."

Teaching at the Bedside


"This patient has an S4. I am going to listen, then I want you to listen and tell me what you hear." If the student does not hear it, you can tap it out for the student on his/her stethoscope and ask the student to listen a second time and indicate if they hear it.

Use self-disclosure: For example,

"I still find it hard to discuss code status with many of my patients."