Residents As Teachers - Teaching at the Bedside - Tip 6: Challenge the Learner


Teaching at the Bedside

Tip 6: Challenge the learner without humiliating

It is fine to give corrective feedback in front of the patient. However, it is important to incorporate components of “effective” feedback and to always be respectful to both the student and the patient.

Self-disclosure goes a long way in avoiding humiliation. For example,

It took me a long time to feel comfortable evaluating for JVD...”

Try to avoid asking questions of a junior learner when a senior learner has missed it - start with the lower level learners first and work your way up. However, keep in mind there can be nuances to this strategy depending on the health issue. As a result, there are times when more focused questioning of more senior team members might be warranted.

Try to avoid “guess what I’m thinking” or “read my mind” questions in front of patients. For example,

What didn’t you ask Mr. Smith that you should have?”