Residents As Teachers - Providing Feedback - Strategies for Providing Feedback


Strategies for Providing Feedback

Conversations involving feedback are often difficult. These simple strategies may make the process easier:

Ask students for their perceptions first:

Begin your feedback by asking the student,

“How did that go for you?”
“What do you feel went particularly well with that encounter?”

Then ask,

Providing Feedback
“What didn’t go so well for you?”
“What might you have done differently?”

It is often easier to discuss issues if students bring them up first, instead of you. This also enables students to practice self-reflection, a necessary life-long learning skill.

While it often is preferable to solicit the student’s perspective first, an alternate approach is to offer your perspective and then solicit the student’s impression. For example,

“Here is what I saw... how does this correspond to how you feel it went?”