Residents As Teachers - Common Teaching Mistakes


By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify eight common mistakes of resident teachers.
  • Describe teaching strategies that avoid common teaching mistakes.


Common Teaching Mistakes

The following is a list of eight common mistakes made by resident teachers, possible alternate behaviors, and tasks you can do to more fully integrate the concepts (adapted from presentation by Jerry Short, Ph.D.).

After reading each common “mistake,” take a moment to reflect on whether you have ever done or said what is identified and think about possible alternatives to what you might do or say BEFORE reading the subsequent section for each. Keep in mind that the proposed suggestions are not exhaustive; they will provide a sense of more effective approaches to use with students.

To better integrate the information into your teaching, also take some time to complete the following “Your tasks”. These will not be time-consuming, and they will provide valuable insights into your own teaching process.�