Residents As Teachers - Common Teaching Mistakes - Miatake 5: Have No Objective(s) for Your Teaching


Mistake 5: Have No Objective(s) for Your Teaching


Let students know what they are going to learn. There is no need to keep this a secret and being explicit will help them understand what they are supposed to learn from the event or encounter.

You should also refer to the medical student goals and objectives for the rotation if you have clerkship students with you.


Your tasks:

Prior to having students with you, familiarize yourself with the goals and objectives of students rotating onto your service, particularly if they are clerkship students. You can find the goals and objectives here.

Review the MiPLAN article if you are involved with inpatient teaching. Stickrath C, Aagaard E, Anderson M. MiPLAN: A learner-centered model for bedside teaching in today's academic medical centers. Academic Medicine, 2013; 88(3): 322-7.